Hyperiums is a closed source, free as in free beer (Actually, some years ago you had to buy credits to play. Nowadays, you are just encouraged to contribute but can play for free w/o limitation), HTML based, massively multiplayer real time strategy game.

I played this game for about a year, as I already had a group of friends who were enjoying killing the time this way ...

The game designer offered an API for people to write external tools, so that's what I did.

The first of these tools, HypRank, allows you to get the list of all the players in one of your alliances in order to inject it into the general ranking list. Useful to filter the list without the need to type manually the name of every player.

The second one, HypRate, allows to fetch or compute every possible information about the player's planets. It looks like this :

The third one, HypMap, uses the GD graphic library to draw a map of the galaxy containing the list of every planet owned by the members of a specific alliance. It looks like this :

Of course, you can download the Hyperiums tools. They are written in PHP, and you can use them under the terms of the GPL license.


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